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College. That seven letter word is the first step to being independent. It starts the beginning of your career and what you are going to spend the rest of your life doing. College is full of new experiences and decisions that will have to be made. I’m only a sophomore and I am already looking for difference colleges to think about and finding out information on them. I’m still undecided though.

My top choices so far would be to major in forensic science, law, or music. I think it should be pretty neat to be able to determine the cause of death, the time of death, how fast a bullet was going, etc. It would be like being a secret agent. Also, my parents say that I argue with them [and other people] all the time, and that a lot of the time I’m good at it, so I would be a good lawyer. Being a lawyer would be neat because you’d be able to make the right decisions about big situations. My love for music hasn’t changed, so majoring in music would make school a fun place to be.

Being on your own is definitely exciting and something to look forward to. But if you think about it, it’s also a scary thought. There are crazy people out in this world. There are mean-spirited, cruel and nasty people out there. Temptations for many different things: sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. are also running wild. Those things and people are with us in high school, but you are all on your own after high school. I think though, that if you have a good head on your shoulders, and keep God strong in your heart, the decisions that you will be faced with, it will be much easier to make the right choices.

“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to humanity. God is faithful and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation He will also provide a way of escape, so that you are able to bear it.”                      I Corinthians 10:13



What Music Means To Me

Music means several different things to me. But the main thing, is that Music is a passion. Through music, I can express everything that I am feeling. Any emotion can be portrayed. Whether I am angry or sad, happy, or even in love. Music is also a way for me to reach out to people. My feelings are things that other people share with me. I’m not alone with my emotions.

Music is a gift from God. And I am proud to be one of His instruments. Even though I am blessed with musical talents, music that I do not sing or create with my own hands helps me. When I am down in the dumps, music helps raise my spirits. When I’m happy or excited, music keeps my energy levels high. If I’m in a romantic mood, music can help the butterflies settle or stir them up even more.

Music lives in everybody.

Music is a part of life.

Music is a passion.

    It’s the middle of summer already! I can’t believe everything has flown by so fast already!! It seems like just yesterday that I was getting my report card from this past year… Wow.

    My parents, little brother, and I got back from our family vacation this past Sunday. We went to PIGEON FORGE! It was so much fun! We had our own two story cabin, which was beautiful, and the inside was just as gorgeous. While we were there we went to the Comedy Barn (which was hilarious), we went to Old MacDonald’s Putt Putt Farm, we went to Dollywood’s Splash Country, and we chilled in bed and watched movies together. It was great family time!

    In just sixteen days, I will be heading off to Nashville, Tennessee to go to Camp Electric again this year! I am so incredibly excited! Instead of voice this year, I’m going to be taking piano. I’m a little nervous about that part, but I know that it will be tons of fun! There will be several different artists performing AND a mystery artist, which I’m excited to find out who it’s going to be!!! I’ll be able to see friends from last year which will be absolutely amazing (*wink**wink* to Christian). If you would like to sign up for it, there is another camp available to sign up for. The first one is full. Go to !

    Southern Sounds is still as amazing as ever! We performed the last week of May at Starkville, MS at 4-H Club Congress! It was so much fun! And it was great seeing everyone again! I can’t wait to perform again in July!!

    It’s been hard to hang out with friends because of me being so busy, but I’m going to start making sure that I get “some” time inJ! Speaking of friends, MARY KING just turned fifteen on June 21, and HANNAH EAST just turned fifteen today, June 24!!! Two others that are coming up…TAYLOR SELBY will be turning fourteen on July 7, and CHRISTIAN MEDINA will be turning fifteen on July 31!!!

    I hope that everyone’s summer is going great so far! Drop me a comment and tell me what you all have been up to! God Bless!!!

    Love’s In The Air and Everywhere!! ❤

Dreams and Goals

Summer is finally here! I’m on summer break now (have been for two and a half weeks) and I am SO very excited! I just got back from Club Congress and I had an absolutely amazing time! I got to see friends and perform and it was a great experience! I can’t wait for more Southern Sounds opportunities this summer! Okay, so now that I’ve told you how excited I am about summer…let me get on with the topic of this blog, Dreams and Goals.

As most of my family and friends know, I am very big on dreams and goals. My top two are becoming a singer and actress. Let me tell you, it’s VERY tough to be patient! I just want it to be able to happen NOW, NOW, NOW!!! But I know that it won’t. So I will work very hard to achieve what I want. Plus, God will be there with me every step of the way. But have you ever been on the verge of giving up? Saying that you can’t do this because it’s impossible and just too hard? I have. But I know that I should never give up. My parents have been my number one supporters the entire time and I am very grateful for them! My mom, every time I’m lying in bed just watching a movie, she will tell me that I should get up and go sing or practice my guitar and piano. My dad, he’ll be on me all the time to try and sell my CD’s (we are actually in the process of making a Christmas CD :D). My parents are the best and I love them so very much! Thank you!

At Club Congress, I was in the contest Public Speaking. I won fourth out of ten (and this was my first year). But I would like to share with you my speech. It is title, “Dream Chasing”:

Have you ever said to yourself, “There is absolutely no way that I can ever achieve my dreams!”? Do all the negatives just automatically come straight to your mind? How can I, one out of billions of people, accomplish something as fantastic as that? There are three steps to reaching your dreams…Number one, believe in yourself, number two, have the devotion to make it happen, and number 3, give it your all! As long as you follow those steps, your dreams will be in your hands before you know it.

    First and foremost, believing in yourself is the number one priority out of everything. If you don’t have confidence, it will be like taking a step backward instead of forward. Holding your head high is a humongous factor. No matter how many times people strive to bring you down and diminish your hope, DO NOT let your head hang. That will only make them gloat more. If your head stays high, six times out of ten, they will stop because they see that even if they lash words or actions out at you, you are oblivious to it because faith blinds you from harsh actions.

    Secondly, your devotion and how much, how long, and how hard you are willing to work to grasp what you want, is a big part of achieving your goal. Dedication, yet again, brings you another step closer to your dream. If all you do is sit around at home, text, watch TV, eat, sleep, and just laze around, you will not get anything accomplished. Also, just verbalizing what you want and plan to do, does not necessarily get you anywhere either. The most popular sayings in the world, that I’m sure your parents do not forget to tell you, are, “Actions speak louder than words”, and, “Practice, practice, PRACTICE.” For example, if you want to learn how to play a particular song on the guitar, and all you do is say,” I want to learn this SO bad!” or, “I wish I could play that,” you are not going to get anywhere. But if you schedule your time right and practice, you’ll have the song down in no time at all. Sit down; get a piece of paper and a pencil. Make a schedule for your entire day. Start with when you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, to when you are climbing in bed at night to go to sleep. Pick out the best time in the day for you to practice and put that time on your schedule. After your schedule is complete, hang it up or put it somewhere where you will see it each and every day. Once you start following that schedule, I promise you that that devotion will pay off!

    Lastly, give it your absolute all! If you decide one day and say, “Hey, I’m want to be a singer!”, but yet you do not work hard and practice? How is slacking off going to get you anywhere? You’ve got to work, work, and work! You won’t get anywhere by singing a not here and there. You have to work diligently on every single detail. Not just for ten or fifteen minutes, but several hours in a week. Plus, if you want it bad enough, you should have the drive to do the best that you can each and every day. Dizzy Dean didn’t get to where he got on going outside one day a month for an hour, throwing as few as ten pitches. Jennifer Hudson didn’t get her voice to amazing by practicing her pitch only thirty minutes a week. She didn’t even win on American Idol. Simon told her that she wouldn’t be able to make it as a singer and be remembered. But she worked extremely hard, and look at where she is at now!

    So in conclusion, your dreams are without a doubt within your grasp. Do NOT let anyone bring you down and tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams and goals. Have faith and tell yourself like Thomas the Train, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Make sure that you devote yourself to your dream. Every time you are just sitting around not doing anything important, get up and go spend your free time practicing! Do not let any free moment slip through your fingers. When you practice, work to the best of your ability. Do not just slack off and give it only fifteen percent of your energy. Give it one hundred percent…plus another ten! Like Winston Churchill said, “Never, Never, Never, give up!”


The Callback

I know it’s taken me a while to get the callback story to you, and I’m sorry for that. I have decided to try tennis this year, and we have been practicing every day of the week (except Saturday and Sunday) after school. We actually have our first home game tomorrow against South Pontotoc. But anyway…about the callback…

Me and Dad arrived back at the Hilton Hotel around 10 a.m. and my callback time was 10:30 a.m. When we went in, there were already several girls in there. We chatted for a while, but then 10:30 came, and 10:45, and finally 11. And Ms. Rachel hadn’t shown up yet. So me and some of the girls decided to go look for her. Well, we couldn’t find her, so we just went back to the lobby and sat down again. Not more than five minutes had passed when Ms. Rachel and her assistant came into the lobby.

The assistant put a check by the names of the girls that were there, and then Ms. Rachel took us up to the 14th floor. Right when we got there, she took one other girl to the room to video tape her. Well, the rest of us girls just got each of ourselves a chair and put them in a circle and just talked and got to know each other. We had a really good time! After the first girl finished, it was my turn. She led me into a hotel room and told me where to stand. It was a tiny section of the room. I stood in front of a couch with a video camera in front of me. She practiced with me the first time and said that it was really good, but that she felt I was acting just a “little” bit. So she filmed me for the first time, and said I did really good again. But she wanted me to try it in a different mood. She wanted me to be less aggressive. So I did and she said to do it like that but with a “little” bit more emotion. So I did it again. That time she said I did it perfect, but that she wanted to do it one more time to make sure we got the best one. After the last one, she said, “That was great. Perfect. Thank you.” So I thanked her for the opportunity and for doing it with me. She hugged me goodbye and said, “See ya later.”

Soooo…I think it went really well. But as of now, I’m still waiting to hear something back. It’s not looking so hot right now, but then again, they were supposed to post something on February 15, but haven’t. So we’ll see. But keep crossing your fingers! *wink*

I will most definitely talk to you guys later!!

Love’s in the Air and Everywhere! ❤

So finally more and more people started arriving around 8:45ish. Once a good number of people started showing up, a man (one of the parents waiting with his daughter) came in to where we were and said that he thinks that they were going to make announcements and everything in the ballroom and that’s where he thinks we should head to. So we did. But our parent sent us girls out in the hall to wait to make sure we didn’t miss the “important people.” Well the “important people” finally showed up and we all stayed in the ballroom to listen. We filled out a sheet and then were put in groups. I was in the first group and was number 6. So when my group went in to go see Ms. Rachel Tennor, we handed in our resume and picture. We went in with Ms. Rachel. And all she did was ask us about ourselves (our name, how old we are, where we lived, if we have any siblings.). And when I told her I had a younger brother…she asked what the most aggravating thing that he does was and I said his obsession with star wars. After we all got to talk, she said, “Now here’s the part where I just stare at you for a minute to see if you could be the part.” So she sat there and stared at us. After a while she dismissed 6 people out of our 10 people group. She said the reason we weren’t dismissed was because she really like our personality and that we look like a Mattie. So you can just imagine me sitting there wanting to scream my head off!, (but I kept my professional status haha). So we went right across the hall to another room to talk to Debbi Delisi about our callback time and what we were supposed to do and where to be and everything. She said dress the part, no make-up, and my time was to be back at the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday at 10 a.m. So I was so incredibly excited!! Right when we got done talking to her…I called and told everybody about the callback.

But I’ll tell you all how the callback went in my next blog J


Hi everybody…Christmas break was absolutely fabulous for me! I got a whole lot of music related stuff (I GOT A MICROPHONE!!!!)! And my family was with me, so I have just been absolutely blessed! How was your break???

But if you are my friend, my Dad’s friend, or my Mom’s friend on facebook…then you probably have heard about the whole audition thing. I auditioned in Memphis, TN for a Hollywood movie…the remake of “True Grit” going to be directed by the Coen Brothers. It was an absolutely amazing experience! Here’s the story…

I was in a play about a month ago called, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” The actor who was playing the dad in the play told us about this opportunity (and I am so very grateful to him!). So we went home and discussed it, and decided we’d go. See, we had just had a deer accident…the deer had ran into our car and took off the entire left corner of our van. So we were transporting our four people family with a three seated truck. So this was on Thursday (December 3, 2009)…and Mom and Dad said YES!! …Now I was freaking out! I was so incredibly nervous and very very VERY excited! I mean this is my dream and I’m getting a chance at it!!! And Mr. Johnny Mcphail got to coach me some before I went 🙂

So on Friday after opening night for the play…we left to go to my Aunt Angie’s house in Olive Branch to stay the night so it wouldn’t be as far to drive. But I wasn’t able to get in bed, let alone sleep, until 12 midnight. And then I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to be ready to leave at 5 to get there by 6 (Memphis: The Hilton Hotel). Well we drove to Memphis and arrived at the Hilton Hotel around 5:45. Now people, I’m telling you, when we walked into that hotel I was like WOAH!!! I mean it was so fancy! (Oh and they had one of those spinning doors!!! So cool (: )! We walked up to the counter and asked where the auditions were being held…and the lady handed us a flyer and said that all the information was on it. Well it wasn’t. So she had to leave and go ask another person. While we were waiting…me and Dad talked to a man who was running in this marathon thing (HE WAS WEARING SHORTS!!! And it was around 50 degrees!!!). Well…the lady finally came back and gave us the information that they “thought” was correct. So just to make sure…me and Dad looked around to see if there was any other place that it was being held. Well turns out, that they were right and it was downstairs. So we went down the escalator and made sure we were in the right place. We were. So we looked around to see if anybody else was around. Well there weren’t and we were the only people there. So we waited and waited and waited. And while we waited the occasional security guard or janitor would pass by and say hello. But other than that, me and Daddy just talked and looked at paintings, making different assumptions about various things that they could be and also explored the downstairs. I also made a video of me going up and then going down the escalator (hahah(: ). So we were there by ourselves from 6 to 8. When one mother finally arrived around 8:10ish. She was very nice and we formed a friendship with her and her daughter, Olivia.

Part 2 will come tomorrow! J….

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